Our Team

CORE VALUES: Education, Awareness, Passion, Community Service, Integrity

Jason Compton SnakeSnap.jpg

JAson Compton ceo and founder

Passionate advocate for educating the conservation of all snakes, both venomous and non venomous, and their importance to the ecosystems to which they live.

Nick Ryon SnakeSnap.jpg

Nick Ryon cOO

As a Firefighter Paramedic for almost 20 years, public safety is something that comes natural to me. I have grown up hiking in the woods and being out on the lake.



Jace Facente SnakeSnap.png

jack FAcentE

Director: Agritoxins Venom Lab, Board Member: St. Cloud Regional Hospital/Board of Trustees and Founding President & Current Board Member: The King Cobra Conservancy

Carl Barden SnakeSnap.png

Carl Barden

Director: Medtoxin Venom Laboratories and the owner of Reptile Discovery Center Deland, Florida.

Joe Keefer SnakeSnap.png

Joe Keefer

Director: Nature Coast Anti-Venom Index

Danny Miller SnakeSnap.png

Danny Miller

Venom 2 Team Leader, Battalion Chief, Lake County Fire Rescue

Tony Daly-Crews SnakeSnap.png

Tony Daly-Crews

Director of The Rattlesnake Conservancy Mesa, Arizona

Dick and Patti Bartlett SnakeSnap.png

Dick & Patti Bartlett

Authors and Wildlife Photographers