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Identifying snakes with a mobile application in real time, while connecting people to education, and awareness.


It all started when…

Jason Compton grew up in an area of Central Florida that has seen an enormous amount of growth over the past 2 decades and with that growth has come a tremendous amount of residential construction that has required vast amounts of forest to be cleared in order to make way for new subdivisions.

All of this new construction has displaced countless species of animals including venomous and non-venomous snakes. Many of these snakes showing up in swimming pools, garages, and inside homes which has resulted in thousands of calls to first responders who generally arrive to find that the snake has gone. In some cases the homeowner killed the snake only to find out afterward that the snake was harmless.

Jason aims to curb this activity by creating the SnakeSnap app for the phone that can identify any snake and classify it as venomous or harmless. Look for SnakeSnap in the app store this Summer.