Goin Herpin Blue Print Performance

Goin Herpin Blue Print Performance

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Dick Bartlett and his wife of over 40 years, Patti Bartlett, have dedicated their life to conservation, awareness, education, and photography of reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

He has been on hundreds of Herping trips and taken thousands of photos along his journey. Currently Dick is on his last Herping trip in Arizona and we are privileged to unveil our GOIN’ HERPING shirts featuring Dick Bartlett. Without his knowledge and graciousness this App would not be where it is today.

Help support this movement of changing the world’s perception of an age old fable about Snakes. Our goal at SnakeSnap is to be the best snake identification and education resource on the planet. Dick, we salute you for everything you have done for wildlife and the public.

The proceeds from these shirts will help fund the remaining phases of our App so that we can showcase to the world the brilliance of Dick and Patti Bartlett.

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